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Looking for original ship lights to put in your home, garden or place of work? Perhaps you're looking for something in the style of old ships lighting, but prefer the sheen and crispness of new. Either way you are in the right place. I spend a great deal of time sourcing, tidying up and listing lights from ships that have now been scrapped. Many of these lights have literally travelled the world and carry the scars of 40 or more years on the oceans. I also source many new "vintage style" reproduction lights. These lights are distinctive, and very faithful copies, quality made lights built to last just like the originals. I acquire lights mainly in brass and aluminium both of which make for attractive and durable styling. I have ship lights that are wall lights only, others are wall or ceiling lights, and some are simply ceiling or passageway lights. I also acquire industrial lighting from old Eastern block factories among other places, making what I have and what I sell an interesting place to be.


New Arrivals.....!!   17/06/2015.....!!   New Arrivals.....!!

With new stock continually rolling through it is hard to maintain the shop and our eBay presence along with the refurbishing of the old lights so.... here's pics and links to what has just come in and is awaiting new fittings etc.....







Stunning Old Oval Bulkhead Light For Walls Or Ceilings. Classic And Very Rare With Lovely Glass
Quantity 8


Brass Original 90 Degree Wall Light. Genuine Old Pieces And 4 Kilo's...!!
Quantity 6


Brass Original Round Bulkheads, Genuine Old Pieces And Nearly 5 Kilo's...!!
Quantity 6






Buying lighting for your home, garden or office is not simply about slapping something up that is functional and bright, it's about style, warmth and suitability. For many of us the lights we use say things about ourselves, they work in harmony with the decor, the theme or the vibe of a space. Here at ship lights I am trying to offer a wide range of products that appeal to people who want something a little different. I don't sell anything you would find in a DIY super store, ship lights (even my reproduction ones) are quality pieces built to last. The original ship lights I have sold some from an array of vessels. From pleasure and cruise ships, cargo vessels, container carriers, ex-MOD ships and surplus stores holding new old stock no longer needed. I check every light when I get it, and check it again when I pack it. Sometimes they have beens restored with new fittings, although at times they come to me refurbished. Often the lights still have old armoured cabling inside  them as it was simply hacked off, then the light was unscrewed and packed away during the scrapping process. I remove all of this, I check the condition, sometimes they need a polish or paint removed to free threads etc. I like to believe by the time they leave me all they need is a competent electrician to install them, and they would be good for many years. I have supplied ship lights to people who are renovating a property near the sea, to someone wanting something different for a log cabin in the depths of the French countryside. I have sold ships lights to developers working on restaurants and bars, but most of my customers are homeowners, looking for something with distinction and style, most of my customers I am sure, are people like you.



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