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I have spent over 10 years working in internet marketing. During this time I grew a successful internet comparison company (Compare Ltd). Although this gave me a wealth of experience and a high income it is a soul less and somewhat solitary world. Finally I began building idea's that were based more around lifestyle, fun, communication and real things that real people want. This venture is something I really enjoy because it encompasses things of beauty, of life, of a life, of great ships and industry. It means I get to rummage around marine salvage yards and pick out things that excite me. I also have a contact who sells a great deal of salvaged ships parts and he regularly turns up and empties the contents of his van at the back of my house, I then pick out the gems I want. I enjoy the thought that I sell something people really want, that they will keep for many years, things that can be admired, talked about, used and enjoyed. Every delivery I take, or trip I make to get stock excites me as there is always something new for me there.
                          I love my lights, people love my lights and I am sure you will too. This website is a  continual labour of love as I use it to present the stock I have to people looking for ship lights of provenance, or faithful reproductions that can be used in their home or workplace. I began selling ship lights on eBay, I found I had many repeat customers and could see there was potential in selling this type of lighting due to it's ageless appeal. I therefore decided a dedicated website would be a good way to reach new customers and build on the service and reputation I can offer.
If you need a little more re-assurance about me please Click Here. This is a link to my eBay page where you can find the same lights for a higher price due to eBay fees. Check out my feedback, it's an ongoing testimonial of what I do.... Thanks for visiting and please call again, Adam.



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